Theater-und Bühnentechnik - EST Stage Technology, a.s.


Theater-und Bühnentechnik



Main hall

steel structures – batten hoists, curtain track, portal lighting bridge
lighting bars, point hoists trolleys, backdrop, steel structure for hanging the mechanical equipment
proscenium point hoists
acoustic systems hoists
portal towers
lighting towers
acoustical sliding walls of wing stages

double floor lifting stage platforms
lifting orchestra pit platforms
trap lifts
scenery casette storages
orchestra pit sill
orchestra pit rotating aperture
proscenium ramp
steel frames for fixing and moving the auditorium seats
transport platform
stage floor

fire safety curtain
smoke hatches with electric drive

electrical installation of fire safety equipment
switchboards of fire safety equipment
control system of trap lifts - iTEMS / SIL3
control consoles od security devices

service connection-, broadcasting-, and notification system
data transfer and data management system

stage lighting

2016 Kunstpalast Surgut - Main hall