Theater-und Bühnentechnik - EST Stage Technology, a.s.


Theater-und Bühnentechnik




Zentrum Begegnung der Kulturen in Lublin, Polen

Blueprint drawing, manufacturing blueprints, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning
Realization period: 2013 – 2015

Main hall
stage hoists
curtains hoists
portal towers
portal bridge
lighting bars
side scene hoists
side scene hoists – slant pulling
point hoists
backstage hoists
repro hoists
chain hoists
double floor lifting stage platforms
orchestra pit platforms
trap lifts
control system of upper and lower stage machinery

Chamber hall
batten hoists
tube grid
control systém

Cinema hall
tube grid

Stage lighting
Electroacoustics and stage system

2015 Zentrum Begegnung der Kulturen in Lublin