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Norm EN 17206:2020


We would like to inform you that the new standard EN 17206:2020 “Entertainment technology – Machinery for stages and other production areas – Safety requirements and inspections” entered into force on 1 December 2020.


Our company is always uncompromising on the legislative requirements conformity, it is therefore a matter of course that all manufactured and supplied equipment fully complies with the EN 17206 required standards.

EST Stage Technology, a.s.
  • renowned supplier of theater and stage technologies not just for theaters
  • relevant european producer of equipment and structures for these technologies
  • experienced and reliable partner for planning the objects refurbishment or replacement of individual technology parts
  • responsible projects consultant in both reconstructions and new projects for theaters, culture centers, multi-function facilities, halls
  • team of qualified and competent specialists for designing, development, production and installation of equipment and structures
  • company, following – up the 90 years long tradition of stage equipment production

We have many times won the trust of our customers and could thus cooperate on notable and unic contracts not just in Europe.

Thanks to our perfect technical solutions, high-quality work, square and responsible dealing, we hope to deserve your attention, too.

We do keep improving and innovating, thinking, how our knowledge, skills and not the least experience could better serve your intention.