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Parking systems

1. Maximum versatility and variability

Automatic parking system offers an extremely wide range of applications. Their advantages will be appreciated by owners of apartment buildings, business centers,offices,social centers  or company parkings,The parking system is possible 'to sew' tailor-made to each building project, which includes parking spaces, whether it is above ground or underground solutions.

In terms of weight, it is possible to modify the systems for cars weighing from 2,3t to 3,2t.

that in terms of size, then for cars up to a height from 1,5m to 2,5m

for width from 2,1m to 2,3m and length from 5,1m to 5,5m.

2. Minimum space requirements

Compared with the traditional design of the parking lot provide automatic parking systems by up to 50% more capacity at much smaller space requirements given for car parking. Unique design allows to avoid using devices like downhill and exit ramps, as well as without stairs and passenger lifts for drivers. We can place almost  double size of car capacity into the same space

Continuous automatic parking system

Fully automatic parking system working on the principle of shifting cars into two levels - horizontal or vertical. Cars are placed in series next to each other. The solution excels especially extremely low-spatial solutions that are, on the other hand, somewhat offset by lower frequency entry and exit of parked cars.

Automatic parallel parking system

Fully automated parking system for sorting cars while parking and delivery vehicles is done via the central aisle. The main advantage of this solution is very high frequency entry and exit of vehicles and the resulting large time savings

3. The minimum cost of maintenance and operation

Top-class technology, using of high-quality materials and long time experience this all makes our automated car park system almost maintenance-free solution. This is fully automated car park system   working on the basis of shifting cars into two levels – horizontal and vertical.

4. Safety

With a fully automated service that prevents unauthorized people from gaining access to the vehicles are these automatic parking systems the safest solution to the problem. The inner space is secured that eliminates  the risk of theft  or vehicle demage.. Automatic parking system also eliminates the risk of vehicle damage on concrete components during careless entrance or exit. The system itself analyzes necessary parametres during car racking.

5. Comfort and convenience

Fully automated operation and easy service  is the main advantage of whole system. The only thing is to move the vehicle to the right place and the system has automatically does the rest. Control is via contactless card or remote pager. To increase comfort, also contributes installation turntable, which ensures exit of vehicles on the road forward. Drivers will also appreciate the certainty of permanent parking space without having to waste time searching for it..

6. Economical and enviroment-friendly

Cost – saving solution in any case

The basic requirement of modern times is to find cost-effective solutions to problems, while taking into account environmental aspects that concern us all.
The  automated parking system is just  solution which is economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Low investment costs, short lead times and an extremely small footprint required for their construction - it is the basis on which the project  of  unique automatic parking system stands. The result of maximum emphasis on low energy consumption of these modern systems are other significant operational savings, which are reflected in the extremely low environmental load. Automatic parking systems  in itself a great way combining business with pleasure.

Waste water

when parking the cars there is  received waste water in the form of ice and snow that contains mechanical impurities, salts and residual hydrocarbons. Waste water from parked cars are trapped in waterproof pallets and parking technology ensures drainage of water into the sump at the bottom of parking. Cars leave from the parking unpolluted.

Air ventilation

The system in the parking  eliminates the possibility of exhaust gases in an enclosed space and does not require forced air exchange. Air handling equipment is used only for ventilation to reduce humidity.


When designing the particular components for devices it is taken into account to minimize noise. Wheels are plastic with a flat toothed belt drive and lift the plastic guides. The steel structure is separated from the building flexibly so as to minimize the transmission of vibration.

Unique architectural solutions

With the greatest respect to the surrounding environment we always create design solutions according to the individual requirements and wishes of the customer. Therefore, we have embarked on a long-term cooperation with leading Czech architectural studios and design offices and construction companies. Thanks to this cooperation, each implemented automatic parking system absolutely
unique architectural concept that their original design fits into a particular environment and the shape always respect the distinctive character of places and meaningfully
complete the individual's overall impression.